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1.. Web Stuff

IX Web Hosting Control Panel.../... MD Web Hosting Mail Login
The Hessey Mail Server.../... MD CPanel hzi
IX Web Hosting Help
GIF Annimation Factory
a FREE HTML Editor
Easy HTML Tutorial
Say what you mean on your WEB SITE
HTML Made Easy
HTML Goodies
Free Javascript
Another Free Javascript
Free Clip Art
Web Monkey
Web Monkey Cheat Sheet
Ping, Trace & Network Tools
Web HTML Reference
Flags, GIF's Annimations etc

2.. DVD & Video Stuff

Adobe Premier Pro Users Page
Creative Cow Forums
DVD Forum
Matther Hawkins Video area
Premier 6 Tutorials
Premier 6.5 Tutorials
More Premier Tutorials
Adobe Premiere 6.5 Forum
Adobe Premiere Pro Forum
Lots More Premier Tutorials
Video Editing Forum

3.. Banking & Finance

ANZ Bank
ANZ Exchange Rates
ING Australia

4.. ISP's , Phone Directories etc

Telstra Australia
Verizon USA
White Pages Australia
White Pages USA
Yellow Pages Australia
Telestial USA....US Simm Card

5.. Photography & Graphical Stuff

Paint Shop Pro Learing Center
Paint Shop Pro Updates
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
Paint Shop Pro Tutorials & Resources
Digital Camera Reviews
Digital Camera Forum

6.. RV Stuff

RV Net Forum
RV America Forum
Baja Destination
RV Safety
GVWR Worksheet
Nada Guides USA Vehicle Prices ...used
Kelley's Blue Book of USA Vehicle Prices ...used
Edmunds USA Vehicle Prices ...new &used
RV Advice
RV Dump Stations USA
RV Maintenance USA
RV Park Reviews USA
TrailerLife Directory
The Diesel Stop
MotoSAT for RV's
Datastorm Satellite
Dish Network Satellite TV
Camping World USA
Curtis Trailers...BEST RV DEALER IN USA

7.. Friends & Associates Web Sites

Smartline Home Loans
Tom Farrell

8.. Football

Sydney Swans

9.. Radio and General Interest

2GB Newstalk
2UE NewsTalk
Jim Ball
Brian Wiltshire

10. Scuba Diving

Diving the Maldives
Diving New Guinea

11. Computer Stuff

Windows XP Startup Problems
Harris technology
Cougar Computers

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